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What is a Fixed Attenuator?
Date: 2023-06-29    View: 457

Fixed Attenuators are electronic devices used to reduce the power level of a signal by a fixed amount with minimal distortion. They are designed to have a fixed and unchangeable attenuation. Fixed attenuators assist in preventing excess signals in devices or in reducing the effects of improper input/output terminations of oscillators, amplifiers etc., by controlling the power levels of the devices to a given value or range. These are also used in Test and Measurement applications where the test equipment may not be able to handle larger signals, so a fixed attenuator can be used to lower the signal level.

Attenuators are electrical components designed to attenuate/reduce the amplitude of a signal passing through a given component, without significantly hampering the integrity of that signal. These devices are found in several electronic equipment for impedance matching, or to extend the dynamic range of measuring equipment. 

The output signal from a device is attenuated with respect to the input signal. When the attenuator is used to match the impedances, both the input and output impedances are maintained close to 50 ohms (or 75 ohms) over the specified bandwidth. They are placed in signal paths to decrease power transmitted.

Important Fixed Attenuator Parameters:

● Type: Depending on the application, an attenuator can be directional or bidirectional.

● Operating Frequency: This is the frequency range at which Fixed Attenuator is fully functional or provides the best performance. While operating over this frequency range the attenuator offers a constant level of attenuation with minimal reflections.

● Attenuation (dB): It is the given value of reduction in the amplitude or strength of a signal. In a fixed attenuator, this value is pre-set and non-changeable.

● Max. Input Power(dBm/W): It is the amount of power (normally expressed as peak, average, or both) that can be applied to an attenuator which does not result in excessive heating of the attenuator.

● Package Types: Based on the required application, the package type for the fixed attenuator can be selected. There are a number of different package types available - Connectorized, Surface Mount etc.

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