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More about RF Variable Attenuators
Variable attenuators, like the name suggests, are attenuators whose attenuation amplitude can be changed by varying the voltage/current or turning a knob, toggling a switch or through a computer. These attenuators are used in applications where it is required to vary the amplitude of the signal level. Most often variable attenuators can be found in test labs where we often need to attenuate a signal to test it at various amplitudes.

Key Variable Attenuator Specifications
Type: There are many types of variable attenuators like Rotary, Continuously variable, computer controlled, toggle, voltage controlled, current controlled etc. The attenuation level in each type of attenuator is controlled in a different way.
Impedance (Ohms): The impedance of an attenuator must match the circuit/system it is connected to. This will minimize any reflection within the circuit/system. Usually the impedance is 50 Ohms or 75 Ohms.
Frequency: This is the frequency range over which the attenuator can operate while maintaining its electrical characteristics.
Attenuation Range (dB): Attenuation is the ratio of the output and input power levels. The level of attenuation in a variable attenuator can be varied within the attenuation range.
Power (W): The maximum input power that an attenuator can handle.

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