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• Frequency Range: 5MHz-18GHz
• High Rejection, Low Insertion Loss
• Customized Products Available
• Used for the Indoor and Outdoor Cellular Mobile Communication
• RoHS Compliant

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Here just list out a part of catalogs as follows for reference. Customized products are available, please consult with Kete.
Part Number Center Frequency
Pass-band (MHz) Insertion Loss (dB) Max. Return Loss (dB) Min. Ripple Rejection (dB) Min. Connector PDF
KTWF37-1-SMAF 3700 200 1 12 1 25dB@f0±150MHz WR229  
KTWF-625-4-SMAF 6250 40 1.5 12 1.5 35dB@f0±90MHz SMA-F  
KTWF-10-4-SMAF 10000 50 1 12 1 60dB@f0±500MHz SMA-F  
KTWF-119-6-SMAF 11900 440 1 14 1 80dB@f0±1500MHz SMA-F/WR75  
Filter is a kind of the device that allowing a certain part of the frequency of the signal through smoothly, and inhibit the other part of the frequency of the signal. Can pass the frequency range of the signal in the filter, known as the passband. On the other hand, the signal attenuation or completely suppressed was very frequency range is called the band rejection. It is small with firm structure and high stability etc.

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