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• Capacitance Range 0.1 pF to 120000 pF
• High Q
• High RF Power
• Low Noise
• High RF Current/Voltage
• Ultra-Stable Performance

KEC70 Series UHF E-Catalog

  • Main Specifications
  • Applications
Series Name Size Footprint in. (mm) Cap. Value Range (pF) Working Voltage
(WVDC) Max.
(-55°C to +125°C)
KEC70F Series .614x.433 (15.6x11.0) 1.0 to 6800 8000 0±30
KEC70G Series .760x.760 (19.30x19.30) 1.0 to 20000 8000 0±30
KEC70L Series 1.30x1.30 (33.40x33.40) 200 to 120000 10K 0±30
Applications Field
• High RF Power Amplifier
• High Power Filter Network
• Antenna Demodulation etc

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