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• Nominal Impedance: 50 Ω
• Power Rating: 2W -1000W
• Frequency Range : DC-18GHz
• Operating Temperature: -55℃ to +125℃
• Connector Type: SMA (Male)

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Part Number Rated Power(W) Frequency Rang (GHz) VSWR (Max.) Connector Type Dimensions LxWxH (mm) PDF
CT50-2-S-6 2 DC-6 1.10 SMA(Male) Φ9x14.4
CT50-2-S-12.4 2 DC-12.4 1.15 SMA(Male) Φ9x14.4
CT50-2-S-18 2 DC-18 1.20 SMA(Male) Φ9x14.4
CT50-2-S-26.5 2 DC-26.5 1.30 SMA(Male) Φ9x14.4
CT50-5-S-6 5 DC-6 1.20 SMA(Male) Φ15.5x24
CT50-5-S-12.4 5 DC-12.4 1.25 SMA(Male) Φ15.5x24
CT50-5-S-18 5 DC-18 1.30 SMA(Male) Φ15.5x24
CT50-10-S-6 10 DC-6 1.20 SMA(Male) Φ17x44
CT50-10-S-12.4 10 DC-12.4 1.25 SMA(Male) Φ17x44
CT50-10-S-18 10 DC-18 1.30 SMA(Male) Φ17x44
Coaxial fixed terminations absorb RF & microwave energy and are commonly used as dummy loads of antenna and transmitter. They are also used as match ports in many multiport microwave device such as circulators and directional couplers to make these ports which are not involved in the measurement be terminated in their characteristic impedance in order to ensure an accurate measurement.
CT serial high power coaxial fixed termination’s rated power 1W-1KW, wide frequency range DC-18GHz. The low VSWR, excellent capacity are main features.

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