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• Low VSWR and High Isolation
• Ultra and Multi-Octave Band
• Excellent Phase and Amplitude Balance
• Can be used as Combiners or Dividers
• Custom frequency bands and optimized specifications available

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Here just list out part of catalogs as follows for reference. Customized products are available, please consult with Kete.
Part Number Ways Freq.Range (GHz) Insertion Loss (dB) Max. Isolation (dB) Min. VSWR Max. Amp. Balance (dB) Max. Phase Balance (Deg.) Max. Input Power (W) Connector PDF
KTPD-M013737-3-SMAF 3 0.137-3.7 3.60  18 1.50:1 ±0.80 ±10° 20 SMA-F
KTPD-M069827-3-SMAF 3 0.698-2.7 1.00  20 1.40:1 ±0.30 ±4° 30 SMA-F
KTPD-M2080-3-SMAF 3 2-8 1.00  18 1.40:1 ±0.60 ±4° 30 SMA-F
KTPD-M20180-3-SMAF 3 2-18 1.60  16 1.80 :1 ±0.6 ±8° 30 SMA-F
KTPD-M60180-3-SMAF 3 6-18 1.50  16 1.80 :1 ±0.60 ±5° 30 SMA-F
Kete offers unique 3 ways Wilkinson power dividers based on advanced techniques and experience. While three way Wilkinson power dividers are theoretically easy to design, they are very difficult to realize due to the impedances necessary. Extensive experimentation and analysis have allowed Concept to realize 3 ways Wilkinsons across broad bandwidth.
They are designed to handle from 10 to 30 watts input power in a 50-ohm transmission system, which cover DC MHz to 18GHz in various connectorized packages. They are rated to handle 30 watts maximum input power for a load VSWR of 1.20:1 or better.
RF Power Dividers or power splitters are passive RF devices that split an input signal into two or more output signals with minimal losses. Power dividers are widely used in wireless systems to divide power equally across the system.

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