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• Standard Resistance: 100Ω ( 5Ω~ 400Ω available)
• Resistive Tolerance: ±5% standard; ±2%, ±1% available
• Power Rating: 2W - 1000W
• Operating Temperature: -55℃ to +150℃
• Temperature Coefficient: <150ppm/℃
• RoHS Compliant

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Part Number Power Rating(W) Standard Impedance(Ω) Dimensions (LxMxH)(mm)
FR100-20-303A-S-R-J 20 100 7.7x5x3.5
FR100N-20-303A-S-R-J 20 100 7.7x5x3.5
FR100-60-102A-S-R-J 60 100 13x6x3.5
FR100-60-102A-D-M-J 60 100 20x6x3.5
FR100-150-208A-D-M-J 150 100 20x6x3.5
FR100-250-504A-D-M-J 250 100 24.8x9.5x5
FR100-500-402A-D-M-J 500 100 32x22x5.7
FR100-1000-502A-D-M-J 1000 100 70x40x9.2
* Customized products are available, please consult with Kete.

High Power resistors are used as balance resistors on allotter or as absorption edge in hybrid and coupler. They feature broadband frequency, low VSWR, excellent capacity in anti-pulse and anti-burnout etc.
FR serial high power resistors rated power 2W-1000W, frequency range DC-18GHz. The impedance range 5Ω~ 400Ω available, standard resistor 100Ω.The substrate materials are available with Beryllium Oxide (BeO), Aluminum Nitride (AlN) or Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3). All resistive components are RoHS Compliant available. The applications of high power resistor include splitters, combiners, power divider, isolators, power amplifier, radar system etc. If your specific requirement is not covered in the following table, please consult with Kete Microwave.

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